Start to budget as a couple.

Trying to budget as a couple can be hard. Money can be an uncomfortable conversation, particularly when one of you is earning more than the other. We all want to contribute to the household and pay our fair share, but a 50/50 split of all the bills isn’t always possible.

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Are you are a stay at home mum with a side hustle? Maybe you are going on maternity/paternity leave? Maybe you’ve had a career change, and your income has changed one way or the other? Whatever the reason, making sure you can pay a share of the bills can be a stressful and contentious issue. Start to budget as a couple, the stress-free way, today!

Stop stressing! 

I have a solution. Start budgeting with an Excel budgeting spreadsheet that splits your bills proportionally based on each individual’s income. Whatever the divide in your household income is this tool will work it out and allow for that. 70/30, not a problem. 40/60, sorted. 10/90, no worries.

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This spreadsheet will break your outgoings down into categories to which everyone can relate. There is space to add your own custom categories for anything outside of those provided. The categories will help you see on which non-essential items you could save money, temporarily or long-term.

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NOTE: This spreadsheet has been designed around the model of each person being paid into individual accounts. Then each paying their contributions to a joint ‘bill’ account from which all joint bills are being paid. However, it will work just as efficiently for those who using a different account structure, or a for a single person.

Click this image to get your excel budgeting spreadsheet. Budget as a couple.

How to use:

  1. Download the file & open in MS Excel or equivalent.
  2. Add your income and your partner’s income to the orange coloured cells on the income tab.
  3. Click the ‘NEXT’ link.
  4. Repeat the completion of orange coloured cells on each category tab; some tabs have blank rows to allow you to add custom categories, as well as a generic ‘other’ row.
  5. The last tab will show you your final calculation: How much each of you needs to contribute to the household budget and how much each has left for personal spending.

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I hope this budget helps you better organise your joint finances in the same way it helped my partner and me when we first moved in together. We’ve been using it for over four years now, and with regular adjustments as our situation or bills change, it never lets us down.

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