About Willow Beans

Hi, I’m Beckie aka Willow Beans

I work full-time, spending Monday – Friday in a 9-5 office job. I’m also a Mum and reformed spendaholic.

Image of Willow Beans, Blogger

In 2019 I decided, I wanted more time with my family. I wanted to work for myself on my own terms. So now I’m also an Entrepreneur (there I said it out loud, to others, eeek!)

In what little spare time I have outside of my corporate role and being a mum, I am building my own business making and selling digital planners and printables (and blogging, obviously) with a view to one-day making that my full-time job.

My latest Digital Planner – Lazy Daze Digital Planner.

You’ll also find free printables and tools throughout my blog.

I want to share with you all the methods, tips, and tricks I used to get myself out of the cycle of overspending and credit card debt and into the habit of regular saving. Let’s work towards financial freedom together.

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