8 Steps To Creating Your Millionaire Mindset and Living Your Best Money Making Life

If you want a shot at reaching that highly coveted millionaire status sometime in your life, then you need to have the mindset of a millionaire. Consider this change of perspective your first step in the direction of becoming a millionaire.

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Don’t just set goals, believe in them.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it. However, many people set goals, and before they’ve even started towards them, they’ve already decided consciously or unconsciously that they won’t achieve them. These people have failed before they’ve started. You must believe without a shadow of a doubt that you can achieve the goals you have set. You must believe that you control your life path and take responsibility for your actions. 

Positivity is key.

With a millionaire mindset, comes an attitude of gratitude. Learn to see the positives and silver linings, be thankful for those. People with a poor mindset all too often see the negative first and foremost and blame others for their mistakes.

Re-frame all your thinking, all your goals and aspirations, so they no longer contain any negative terms. e.g. 

  • don’t want to wait until 60 to retire” becomes “will retire early.
  • won’t earn less than 6 figures” becomes “will consistently earn 6 figures or more.” 

Learn to see positivity in everything and remove the negativity where ever you can.

Follow in the footsteps of others.

Find a mentor, someone who inspires you, someone you can relate to and reach out to them for guidance and support, see if you can have regular meetings with them to get help and feedback. If that person can’t directly mentor you then follow them on social media, read their books, take their courses. Be inspired and learn from them; this is their recipe for success. Alternatively, if you can’t find a mentor in your field, try to find an ‘accountability partner’ in a friend or family member who is also striving for similar goals. Have regular meetings/calls with this person to review each other’s progress and keep yourselves motivated.

Celebrate every win, no matter the size.

My first ever affiliate sales was just £1.50, but it was possibly the most exciting, £1.50 I’d ever earned. For me, it was evidence, not only that people were reading my blog, but that they put their faith in my recommendations, and this was a humbling but essential win.

Millionaires appreciate that every success no matter how large or small contributes to their success. 

Play to win

Ok, no one plays to lose, but are you trapped in the mindset of playing the game not to lose? Sure the opposite of losing is winning I hear you say, but if you don’t aspire to win, you could end up playing the game forever! 

Millionaires primary money goals are wealth and abundance, they’re playing offence. A poor mindset’s objective is financial security; this mindset is playing defence. You can’t win the game playing only defence. Millionaires are not averse to risk; instead, they learn to manage risk (their defence strategy) while they play to win (their offence strategy). 

Step out of your comfort zone

Your new mindset will require you to step out of your comfort zone from time-to-time. 

“You must make yourself succeed every time. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

You will need to do things that scare you, including admitting to mistakes and owning them. When you do these things, you will learn more from your experiences than you ever could if you avoided them due to fear. 

Think Frugal

The majority of millionaires do not live the lavish lifestyles that the celebrities portray in magazines, tv & social media. Most live by a few simple rules:

  • Pay yourself first. Save/Invest before you spend.
  • Buy only what you need. Don’t confuse ‘need’ with ‘want’.
  • Buy what you can afford. Don’t use credit or spend beyond your means.
  • If you have debts such as a mortgage, prioritise paying these.

I discovered the ‘Pay yourself first’ mentality when I read ‘Rich Dad. Poor Dad’ by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Kiyosaki’s book changed my attitude toward money and wealth completely. In the last 18months since reading it, I’ve learned to control my spending and built savings of more than I ever had before in my adult life.  

Don’t limit yourself.

Most millionaires have several income streams. Remember when we mentioned risk management earlier, this is part of it. Millionaires have multiple income streams; they may work a full-time job while also investing in property and consulting/teaching in the evenings/weekends. These various streams of income give them options to fall back on should one stream or another come to an end. One of the reason’s that the wealthy are considered by many to have an excellent work ethic is because they go above and beyond just working a single job, but also spend time managing their investments, property portfolios and other roles.

Don’t limit yourself to only earning from your day job; look around at different ways you can be making money when you’re not at ‘work’.


Spot the difference yet?

Let’s review the key differences between the behaviours and attitudes of those who have financial wealth and those struggling to achieve it:

The Millionaire Mindset commits.
The Poor Mindset is uncommitted.

The Millionaire Mindset plays to win.
The Poor Mindset plays not to lose.

The Millionaire Mindset saves and invests.
The Poor Mindset is materialistic.

The Millionaire Mindset creates multiple incomes streams.
The Poor Mindset is dependant on a single income stream.


Developing a millionaire mindset gives no guarantee to financial fortune or making you a millionaire, but it will most certainly help you become a more positive person with an ever-bright outlook on life.

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